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Comments on the training:

The course has been so good that I can only find positive things to say about it - I speak as one who has spent many years studying a variety of subjects and this is by far the best course I have done.
Some of the positive points are:

  1. The introductory Day was an excellent way of helping me to decide if Cranio-Sacral Therapy was right for me. It also (with hindsight) gave a good idea of what the course would be like.

  2. The fact that all of you knew the students names from day 1 left a very favourable impression with me.

  3. The staffing level of 5 to 20 or so students is excellent - it also demonstrates that "penny pinching" is not a part of your culture. Being able to pay as you go along makes financial life much easier.

  4. The talks/lectures are clear, concise, relevant, interesting and specific to the subject concerned. Excellent.

  5. Course notes reflect what is being taught with uncanny accuracy - they are clear, concise and totally comprehensive.

  6. Course notes are helping me as a prompt when I practise.

  7. Practical sessions are excellent. The guidance pre-exercise is clear, as is the practical demonstration. The business of talking us through the practical exercises is again excellent - the whole approach makes me feel as if you are doing everything you can to help me to succeed - and it works.

  8. Support and guidance from tutors during practical sessions is sensitive and helpful.

  9. The amount of support and approach of tutors has helped to make the whole process feel very safe for me.

  10. You all have a totally positive attitude towards Cranio-Sacral Therapy and health, which translates itself into positive help and advice when it's needed. I have no sense of being criticised in a negative way.

  11. The warmth and positivity that could be clearly sensed among the group at the end of the last session is a lovely reflection of the atmosphere and energy which you have fostered.

  12. The physical environment of the room in which we work is excellent - I mean things such as lighting, warmth, comfort etc.

  13. As one who lacks self confidence, you have helped me enormously in reaching a stage where I can believe that I can practise Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

  14. The course so far has been enormously exciting for me and I am loving the process of learning and development. I know I have chosen the right path for me and the right Cranio-Sacral Therapy course.

  15. Your receptionist/administrator is always so nice and helpful whenever I phone.

  16. Through all this (and I could go on) you will have guessed that I am very happy with what I am doing and with what you are offering me.

I am really looking forward to coming back and continuing, so thank you all.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the course. I think the immediate practical approach is an excellent way to get straight into things. I really like the fact that I am being provided with such excellent notes at the end of each session, one can apply complete attention to what is being said.
I like the fact that the tutors can show their own personalities through teaching. They are all very helpful.
In short:

  • a friendly, well presented course

  • excellent notes

  • continuous encouragement is provided

  • fantastic support

  • brilliant hands on approach

  • the college has a very nice vibe to it

The tutors are both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The style is very relaxed and conducive to learning. Subject matter is dealt with in a logical and comprehensive order. All tutors are approachable and happy to help and advise.

I'm impressed by the cogent and professional presentation of the course material and the teaching style. I feel that it is advantageous that teaching is facilitated by several tutors, as their individual personal experience adds colour, interest and insight.
The handouts are detailed but succinct. I'm enjoying the course greatly.

"Thomas Attlee's teaching style reflects his own experience and commitment to the modality. Right from the start he demonstrated an ability to think on his feet which I realised reflected a thorough knowledge of his material. It was as much through the wide ranging and challenging questions as the short lectures with which he introduced each technique that a clear and workable idea of the underlying philosophy of Cranio-Sacral Therapy emerged."

"During the course of the first weekend Thomas took us through each of the elements of a complete treatment routine, working on the diagnosis and treatment of each element. Each one was introduced succinctly but thoroughly, and a "key words" handout obviated the need to take extensive notes and acted as a handy reference. Certain themes began to recur - such as touching lightly enough, being completely open to whatever one feels, and the importance of being relaxed and aware of oneself."

"At the end of the weekend I found myself eager to practice what I had learnt, and the follow-up came at just the right interval to share enthusiastically our experience. Overall it was a valuable, gentle and exciting introduction to this intriguing therapy. I am looking forward to the rest of the course."

"I came away from the follow-up weekend happy that I was learning a safe but very subtle form of healing, one that will be very useful, enhancing any branch of healing or body-work."

"Thomas' teaching has been clear and systematic. Practical experience was the priority right from the start, and Thomas' teaching style combines warmth, informality, and sincerity interspersed with dry humour. For me the course so far has been an exciting and pleasant journey of discovery."

"Although I had done a great deal of cranio-sacral work before coming on these courses, I have gained so much from Thomas and his particular approach - it certainly changed my whole way of looking at treatment and everything surrounding it."

Birth, Babies, Children, Mothers.

"As an osteopath working almost exclusively with babies and children, I work with children every day of the week and have done for the past few years. My paediatric training has been very much ‘on the job’, picking up a bit here and a bit there from the many osteopaths that I have worked with. Although I get good results with my treatments, I had this nagging feeling that perhaps there was something crucial missing from my knowledge bank. The problem was I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and this meant that I was not as confident as I should have been considering my experience.

Thomas Attlee’s course ‘Birth, Babies, Children, Mothers’ was exactly what I needed because it presented the birth process, the treatment of babies and children, and the treatment of pregnant and post-partum mums in a structured, sequential format. By the end of the course, I finally felt like I had all the jigsaw pieces in place.

There were several memorable highlights:

It started with the unexpectedly warm welcome on the first day of the course. I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed into a group of participants spontaneously introducing themselves and readily entering into very enjoyable conversations. I quickly felt part of it.

After the introductions, we had the chance to explore our own and each other’s birth process - not in words (that came later), but with our hands - feeling the strain patterns through the body and the cranium. One participant shared how exquisitely sensitive her umbilical area was and during treatment she relived in present time what could only have been the shock of her umbilical cord being cut too soon.

We watched a video of three women giving birth which, for those people who have never watched a baby being born, dispelled a lot of misconceptions (excuse the pun). Mums and Dads in the group later had the chance to share their experiences as well.

We had a whole afternoon with a midwife who was also a Cranio-Sacral Therapist and had also given birth herself (a very rare individual) which gave me the chance to ask all the questions I have always wanted to ask but had never before met anyone qualified enough to answer. She brought with her a large flip board of drawings explaining midwifery, together with some Forceps and a Ventouse cap. Her attitude was empowering, reminding us that giving birth is a natural process that the female body is designed to go through without interventions.

Thomas Attlee and his assistants brought in some wonderful books from their private library about some controversial concepts and ideas such as the foetus is conscious from conception and does feel pain, and how the relationship between mother and baby is already established long before birth.

The bonus for me was watching Thomas treat the babies in the demonstration part of the course. The skill and efficiency with which he works can only come from many years of experience. But not only that, Thomas has a unique way of treating. It is a very active process of direct action, disengagement and unwinding that is entwined with love, respect and rapport. The babies loved being treated by Thomas and they visibly relaxed under his hands.

I got more out of this course than I had originally bargained for and I would recommend it to anyone who works with, or would like to work with children."

Tracey Aird.

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